CHOICEZ MEDIA has been providing modern, engaging and dynamic resources for schools for the past 14 years. At the core of all programs is an understanding and communication of the fundamental gift and the incredible value and dignity of human life and the human person.

Over the years CHOICEZ MEDIA has produced DVD curriculum resources on many topics including: It’s your choice: helping young people make great relationship choices, The problem with pornography, Things are changing: puberty education, Cyber survivor: cyber safety, Beautiful: looking at the sexualization of girls, Life matters: dealing with unplanned pregnancy, The men we need: helping boys become great men and Bridging the gap: a leadership and life skills program. While parents remain the primary educators of their children in the sensitive area of sexuality and relationship formation, the school does play a crucial role in supporting parents and forming young people in character and virtue. To support teachers in this important task, CHOICEZ MEDIA seeks to produce resources which are highly relevant to the issues and challenges facing young people. All programs come with online DVD lesson content, teacher background information sheets and downloadable student worksheets for each lesson. These worksheets include a variety of classroom activity ideas, discussion questions, group work and home work ideas.

In 2017 CHOICEZ MEDIA will be rolling out a vast new library of online resources for teachers and parents with topics that are highly relevant and current to the challenges facing young people. Check out the new teacher and parent resource library now: