Trusted Puberty Education for Christian and Catholic schools.

Whether you call it puberty education, sexuality formation, PDHPE or religious education no area is more precious and sensitive than helping young people navigate this special time of life. Over the last decade Things Are Changing has helped tens of thousands of primary age students, teachers and their parents explore this crucial time of transition and growth.
So why is Things Are Changing the choice of so many Christian and Catholic schools? Put simply it’s because it is based in a deep and rich understanding of key Christian concepts such as the value and dignity of the human person as made in the image of God, an understanding of sex education being about an ‘education in and for love’ and a deep respect for the role of parents as primary educators of their own children.

Things Are Changing is now being released as an ultra-modern, fully online program designed to help every school support parents in this important task. The online program comes complete with online DVD content, a facilitators manual and access to parent support materials as well as workbooks for the student themselves.


No resource comes close to addressing this sensitive and important topic in such an appropriate and professional manner. View the samples below and find out why so many schools trust Things Are Changing as their program of choice.

Facilitator Overview Online Module

The Things Are Changing experience begins with the Facilitator Overview Video that gives students a general introduction to the adventure of puberty. This opening module includes a general overview for students on the basic physical and emotional changes of puberty. It is appropriate for a co-ed setting as more in-depth exploration of changes for each gender is provided in the gender specific modules.

Things Are Changing For Boys…

The Things Are Changing Boys Module consists of an engaging video that explores the key changes for boys, while also helping boys come to understand some of the key changes for girls. The module also comes with the full facilitator manual and access to student classroom workbooks via download.

Things Are Changing For Girls…

The Things Are Changing Girls’ Module presents a beautiful and sensitive exploration of key changes for young women. Exploring all relevant topics with a female presenter this module also helps girls understand the key changes boys experience. This module presents a wonderful and in-depth opportunity for girls to be supported and affirmed on the journey of puberty.

The Things are Changing program fully supports parents as the primary educators of their children in this sensitive area of development. The facilitators manual outlines the ways in which schools can support and include parents in this process. Samples of the books and manual can be viewed below and parent books and child books can be ordered through the parent resources page.


Cost: US $245 for an annual licensing fee. Package includes: Facilitators manual, Facilitators module, boys module, girls module, boys book and girls book as well as parent books. Please note all amounts are charged in US dollars.

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Facilitators Manual Sample



Parent Book Sample



Boys Book Sample


Girls Book Sample



I know of nothing quite like Things Are Changing and I am happy to recommend the program to parents, teachers and all who are interested in helping the young to grow not only in age but also in wisdom and grace.
This excellent resource reflects a sound understanding of the human person and will help parents and teachers to nurture in children a reverence and respect for their bodies and for the gift of fertility.
Like many schools we were looking for a resource that supported our ethos in the area of puberty and sexuality formation. Things Are Changing is as good as it gets. It values and supports the role of parents as well as giving teachers an 'out-of-the-box' program that students love. If you are looking for the best puberty education program for your schools you've found it.

Cost: US $245 for an annual licensing fee. Package includes: Facilitators manual, Facilitators module, boys module, girls module, boys book and girls book as well as parent books.

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