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Australia’s leading provider of values and faith based sex and relationship education resources.

What we do

CHOICEZ MEDIA exists to support teachers and parents in the task of educating young people in the area of  faith and values based relationship education and formation.

At the core of all CHOICEZ MEDIA resources is a deep focus upon the value and dignity of the human person as made in the image and likeness of God.

CHOICEZ MEDIA seeks to take the rich teachings of the Christian tradition in these areas and present them in ways which engage young people.

Teacher Resources

CHOICEZ MEDIA offers a wide range of online resources and programs for the classroom environment. Designed to support teachers in teaching the tough and important topics of sex, relationships and puberty education,  consent and body safety, personal identity and development.  


Road Ahead Magazine

The Road Ahead stage 6 Yr 12 magazine reaches 30,000 yr 12 students in Australia each year. Ordered at the end of the school year for delivery in January this resource is a must for all schools. Dynamic, engaging and targeted to topics in the national curriculum.


Jonathan and Karen have written a number of books for parents and teachers.

Finishing Strong: How to thrive and not just survive in your final years of high school, is Jonathan’s latest book. 




online TEACher resource library 

   Need help teaching the tough topics with a Christian lens?


Then look no further than

The CHOICEZ Teacher Resource Library.

Mapped to the PDHPE and RE curriculum this dynamic library is split into stage 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 . This mapping provides an easy to navigate online library which offers teachers a vast range of online videos, suggested classroom and individual activities, quizzes, interviews. 


Each module also equips teachers with key learning objectives, core messages, teacher background information as well as Church and Scripture references, so teachers can feel confident teaching the tough topics with a Christian perspective. 


Why we are different

Here at CHOICEZ MEDIA we are passionate about seeing young people flourish and become all that they were created to be. We believe that with the right foundation in the area of relationship education and formation young people can make positive, life affirming choices which will see them flourish not only during their school years but throughout their adult life. 

The heart behind every resource produced at Choicez MEDIA is the belief that every human person has immense value, dignity and worth. While other resources may provide the mechanics of sex education the Choicez resources seek to present relationships education within a framework of an education in authentic love, a love  that values each person, the gift of life and human sexuality. 

From Our Clients

CHOICEZ MEDIA has provided seminars and resources to the Catholic, Christian and Independant school sector for the past 16 years.

Many key products are endorsed by Catholic Education Office directors, Bishops, Education bodies and Christian School Associations.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge

“I know of nothing quite like it, and I am happy to recommend the programme to
parents, teachers and all who are interested in helping the young to grow not only in
age but also in wisdom and grace.”

Milad Khalil .Leader of Learning:Sydney Catholic Schools

“As an educator who has worked in the areas of PDHPE, Religious Education and Youth Ministry, I can confidently say that issues that pertain to Life and Love are at the forefront of the minds of young people. The Choicez Media Teacher Resource Library is truly a unique resource that offers both PDHPE and R.E teachers the opportunity to deepen their own understanding of the Church’s position on these issues and also serves as an invaluable resource in assisting teachers on how to present this information to young people in real, engaging and relevant ways. The direct links between syllabus, scripture and church documents as well as the high quality videos are elements I particularly appreciated.

A resource like this has been a long time coming and I highly recommend it to you.”

Archbishop Christopher Prowse

“The Choicez Teacher Resource Library give depth and basic foundational building blocks to sexuality and relationships. I recommend this resource to you as an important tool in which our education of children can progress in a solid and mature manner.”

Gary Gelo Superintendent of Schools Palm Beach, Florida

“It’s been a pleasure to be associated with Jonathan Doyle and his program for the last five years. Twice he has delivered keynote professional in-service days for our faculty and administrators. Jonathan lives what he speaks and his personal witness and journey enhance his powerful message.”

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