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CHOICEZ MEDIA exists to support teachers and parents in the task of educating young people in the area of human sexuality and relationships.

At the core of all CHOICEZ MEDIA resources is a deep focus upon the value and dignity of the human person as made in the image and likeness of God.

CHOICEZ MEDIA seeks to take the rich and beautiful teaching of the Christian tradition in these areas and present them in ways which engage young people.


CHOICEZ MEDIA has provided seminars and resources to the schools sector for the past 16 years. Many key products are endorsed by Catholic Education Office directors, bishops, Education bodies and Christian School Associations. 
Founders, Jonathan and Karen Doyle have been married for almost 20 years and have three young children. Jonathan and Karen have authored a number of books and speak globally on issues related to education, sexuality and relationships.

Jonathan’s background is in boys education. He holds an undergraduate degree in education, a Masters’ Degree in Education (Leadership and Management) and has completed further post-graduate work in Marriage and Family Studies. He is an author, executive coach and has spoken around the world in seminars and live events to more than 300,000 people. He is also the founder Resilio, an online resource to help teachers manage burnout.

Karen holds an undergraduate degree in nursing and has studies post-graduate studies in Marriage and Family Studies. She is a Family Life educator and worked for a number of years as the Director of a large student health clinic before founding CHOICEZ MEDIA alongside Jonathan. Karen is the author of a number of books and speak at conferences on topics relating to relationships and the formation of young people.


Each year Jonathan speaks and travels within Australia as well as London, Canada and the United States.

He is a sought after speaker for major conference keynotes as well as staff reflection and professional development days.

He will often be booked to give the keynote to open the school year.

With Covid travel restrictions limiting live events the Choicez Media team, working closely with an IT team, have developed an online platform to deliver live events.

If you are interested in booking Jonathan for a live virtual event please fill in the form below and a Choicez representative will be in contact within 24 hours.

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“Jonathan has many gifts – first he read me well from the first time we met, listening and coaching and helping me grow as a leader; but secondly he delivered a world class keynote to over 8,000 delegates at our Convention – and was late to the following dinner because so many folks wanted to talk to him after the keynote.

Jonathan’s keynote was tremendous; it was as if he was speaking to me, just me, even though there were over 8,000 present, and as a result of his presentation many leaders requested his return to the US for more talks and presentations. As a leader I’ve learned a great deal from my collaboration and friendship with Jonathan; he is a great listener yet also communicates what the person in front of him needs to hear, whether over a cup of coffee or when he is giving a keynote to thousands.  His keynote was one of the very best ever.”

— Dr. Tom Burnford – President NCEA – Washington D.C

“Jonathan has the unique gift of connecting with and inspiring all those he meets. He makes the complex, simple, and is able to engage a crowd of 1000s, or lead one individual to their highest potential.  I have been stunned by his impact.  His message of hope is greatly needed in our schools, business communities and world.”

— Gail Dorn – President CSCOE – Minneapolis USA

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  Jonathan Doyle offers staff PD days and staff reflection retreat days.


A personal development course for teachers based on his book Bridging the Gap. 


Based on his best selling book Tools and Fuels, Jonathan presents a highly engaging and uplifting seminar for teachers which is designed to encourage them in their vocation as teachers.