From The Editor

We are so excited about the 2019 edition of The Road Ahead Magazine and look forward to bringing your senior students a fantastic new resource at the start of Term 1 2019. In recent years hundreds of thousands of students have received this special resource exploring topics such as, leadership, motivation, goal setting, body image, faith and prayer, relationships and dating, peak performance, health and wellbeing and much more.The Road Ahead is perfect for pastoral classes, religious education or Christian studies classes, PDHPE or retreat and seminar days. Use it anywhere you need a modern, engaging resource that speaks to students in their own language and empowers them to be the best they can be. The magazine resource also comes with a years access to a suite of online video content by Jonathan Doyle and the Choicez Media team.



The Road Ahead is a pivotal part of our Year 12 Retreat and indeed Year 12. This publication is well liked by and engages the students on some very pertinent topics.

We give the Road Ahead magazine to each of our Year 12 students. The magazine and the online resources that accompany it have proven to be insightful and engaging for students as they are considering where their lives will take them to beyond their formal education.

We've been using the Road Ahead magazine for a number of years now as part of the Yr 12 RE course. It's a really helpful platform to start discussions and the mix of faith-based topics with other insightful articles lends itself well to senior students. The layout of the magazine is very attractive and this helps students to engage positively with it, which is not something I can say about all resources. We base our course around lots of material from the magazine and then supplement it with a few other activities. The magazine is a very affordable and helpful resource that comes at a very low cost, so I would recommend it to anyone looking to broaden the scope of their RE, PDHPE, student wellbeing or student leadership courses.


How do I place an order?

Simply use the online order HERE

What is the best way to use The Road Ahead?

Every school is different. Some schools use the resource in pastoral care classes, religious education or Christian studies classes or PDHPE. Other schools use it during annual retreats or seminar days. Some schools simply hand out The Road Ahead at the start of the year as a take home resource.

When will it arrive?

The Road Ahead will arrive shortly before your senior students return in Term 1 2019.

What does it cost?

The Magazine and access to the online video content is costed at $6.99 per student, with a minimum order of 50 copies.

How do we pay?

We will simply send you an invoice after delivery.

Does it come with other resources?

Yes. We also provide you with a suite of online videos, PDF’s and downloadable journals that you can access at any point in the year to reinforce and deepen the key messages in The road Ahead.

What is the main purpose of The Road Ahead?

Almost a decade ago having worked closely with many schools we began to realise that helping students get off to the best possible start each year was crucial. The Road Ahead emerged to help students consider major themes in personal development and excellence, wellbeing and health but also to help them become more open to an encounter with God during their final year of school.