Catholic Consent And Respectful Relationships Education

For the flourishing of the human person

‘Yes! I am ready to learn more about how this comprehensive program can support our students and their families.’

  • Mapped to the National Curriculum through the lens of Catholic teaching.
  • Meets government mandates for consent education while grounding this teaching in Catholic teaching.
  • Developed in partnership with Catholic Education Offices.
  • Endorsed by Bishops and Catholic Education Office Directors.
  • Based in an authentic Catholic anthropology of the human person as made in the image and likeness of God.
  • Full support for teachers with comprehensive teacher formation modules so teachers can be confident teaching these topics in the classroom.
  • Utilises a whole school approach.



Consent & Respectful Relationships

Mapped to the national curriculum with a complete focus on a Christian framework.

Empower Staff And Form Students

Full teacher formation platform and comprehensive student program.

Supporting Parents

Supporting parents as primary educator’s of their children.