Things are changing 

An ultra-modern, fully online program that comes complete with online video content,  facilitators manual, student workbook  and access to parent support materials



Trusted Puberty Education for Christian and Catholic Schools 

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Whether you call it puberty education, sexuality formation, PDHPE or religious education no area is more precious and sensitive than helping young people navigate this special time of life.

Over the last decade Things Are Changing has helped tens of thousands of primary age students, teachers and their parents explore this crucial time of transition and growth.

So why is Things Are Changing the choice of so many Christian and Catholic schools? Put simply it’s because it is based in a deep and rich understanding of key Christian concepts such as the value and dignity of the human person as made in the image of God, an understanding of sex education being about an ‘education in and for love’ and a deep respect for the role of parents as primary educators of their own children.


Cost: Changed as an annual licensing fee of US $299.00

Package includes: Facilitators manual, Facilitators module, boys module, girls module, boys book and girls book as well as parent books. Please note all amounts are charged in US dollars

“It draws upon the treasures of Christian wisdom to present a vision of sexual awakening which will help the young to learn that sexuality without love is unworthy of the human being. “Things Are Changing” does this in a way which is sensitive to the primary role of parents in this delicate moment of their children’s life and which is attuned to the best of contemporary pedagogy.

I know of nothing quite like it, and I am happy to recommend the programme to parents, teachers and all who are interested in helping the young to grow not only in age but also in wisdom and grace.”

The Most Reverend Mark Coleridge Archbishop of Brisbane

“I am happy to provide this recommendation of the program “Things are Changing”. “Things are Changing” provides a unique sex education program that could be used in Catholic Schools.  The program has been developed in a professional way, it is an excellent teacher resource, is useful for teachers and families and uses the language and visual world of today’s youth.

I support Jonathan and Karen in their production of “Things are Changing”. It has a positive message to give our young Australians; it is inclusive of the role of parents and is an engaging, informative and respectful values based sex education resource.”

Moira Najdecki. Director of Catholic Education

“The nature of human sexuality, including the meaning and significance of the changes which occur during puberty, has been addressed particularly well. This excellent resource reflects a sou